Pass Plus lessons can be taken by anyone with a full driving licence at any time, it will allow you to develop a positive driving style which you will find enjoyable and will help to make you a safer more considerate driver. It will also help develop your skills in areas where you may have had little or no previous experience and also help to reduce the risk of you being involved in an accident.

By participating in the Pass Plus course, you are showing your willingness to become a skilful, thoughtful and responsible driver. Pass Plus is a course of six lessons linked to major insurance companies who will offer a discount to those who have participated. The savings made on your insurance can be quite substantial. The course consists of six modules.
Module 1: Introduction.
The instructor will explain the objectives of the course and outline the disciplines and benefits.

Module 1 (part 2): Town driving.
This module consist of practical training driving in town centres, with particular attention to areas such as, eye contact, taking proper caution without being unduly hesitant, dealing with complex one way systems, multi lane junctions, roundabouts and of course bus and cycle lanes.
Module 3: Rural and out of town driving.
This will be a practical session which will involve driving on all types of rural roads, including approaching bends, hills, blind areas, and poor road surfaces. Overtaking safely proper observations and making progress will also be covered with particular emphasis on approaching farm entrances animals and slower moving vehicles, muddy roads and making use of headlights and the horn.

Module 4: Night driving.
This will wherever practical take place after lighting up time and will cover the correct use of your lights, seeing others and being seen by others. Looking for and recognizing reflective signs and road markings etc. It will also include judging the speed of others and yourself, adjusting to differing lights (dusk and dawn).

Module 5: Dual carriageways.
This is a practical session and will include, joining and leaving, taking effective observations and making use of mirrors, eliminating blind spots, judging safety margins, forward planning, overtaking and general driving at higher speeds for longer periods of time.

Module 6: Motorways.
As a new driver you may never have driven on a motorway. They are unlike any other road, having more lanes, a higher volume of traffic and rules and signs that only relate to motorways. The objectives are the same as on a dual carriageway but with emphasis on the above.
Module 2: All weather driving.
This may be a theory session although our climate very often allows for a practical session to take place. The aim of this module is to prepare you to be able to drive safely in extreme weather conditions. Topics will include, stopping distances and safety margins, anticipation, seeing other road users and being seen, and how to avoid skids, and how to correct them should they occur.
The price of the Pass plus is £125.00 .

The pass plus course is tailor made to suit each individual and although all the above modules will be covered they may not necessarily be in this order and some may overlap into others.
On completion of the Pass Plus the report form which will be filled in by both your instructor and yourself will be forwarded to the Pass plus department who will then send you a certificate.